First Seventh-day Adventist Church of Tulsa

     The Seventh-day Adventists began their work in Tulsa, Oklahoma [about 100 years ago] when Pastor E. B. Hopkins came from Texas and began to visit a few families in the city.  A small group started meeting in the K.P. Hall at 2nd and Cincinnati. They later moved to a Presbyterian church at 2nd and Boulder.  Still later this small group met at the home of a member, Mrs. Lowrey.
     The real decisive step was made when a small building near 1400 E. 6th St. was built and this was the beginning of regular Sabbath services.  Elder Hopkins organized this company into a church.  The Seventh-day Adventist Church of Tulsa!  There were 30 charter members at the time and this small congregation carried on courageously for several years.
     After a series of evangelistic meetings conducted by Elder Tyndale in the Tulsa Convention Hall, it became necessary to look for a larger place to meet for church services.  Major and Mrs. Frank VanVoorhis donated a piece of property next to Central Park.  A five room house was built without partitions to be used for the church services.  Elder W.E. Barr was the pastor at the time (1918-1923) and worked very hard getting the building in shape.
    The congregation continued to grow consistently.  There were several remodeling and renovations made to the church during the periods when Elders W.L. Knott through B.E. Beddoe were pastors (1924-1941).  Elder Murray Deming became pastor in 1945. This is when Elder Fordyce Detamore came and held a series of evangelistic meetings.  The membership made a substantial growth (over 200 baptisms) and it was impossible to continue to meet in the current location.
     The building at 920 E. 6th Street had been home to the Seventh-day Adventist Church for 30 years but now must be sold.  The Methodist Indian Mission bought the building and let the Adventist congregation continue to worship there 'til their bulding at 920 South New Haven was completed in 1945.  This building was built first as the school because the leaders of the church believed the youth were the strength of the church.  The combination gymnasium and auditorium were also used for the church services.  Elder Dale Aalborg, pastor from 1954 to 1959, did a lot of background work in researching cost and design of a new sanctuary.  
     1960-61 were recorded as years of great progress for the church.  The membership was continuing to grow rapidly and by God's grace and through united effort the dream of a new Sanctuary became a reality under the leadership of Pastor Robert Wood.  Our current church was built and dedicated to God! --Dr. Dennis Carlile

First Seventh-day Adventist Church of Tulsa
920 S New Haven Ave | Tulsa, OK 74112-3938